Suitable PSI for Sealed Driveways

Hi there, folks! I’ve been lurking around here for a few years now. Those of you who frequently post here, an immense thanks for the wealth of knowledge you’ve provided! I owe quite a few of you beers at this point from all the help you’ve been. Unfortunately, I drank them already.

I’ve spent days searching up and down the forums here for advice on concrete cleaning. My retinas are burning, but I’ve picked up a few things along the way.

  • 2500PSI for Residential sidewalks and driveways seems to be the consensus.
  • Whisper Wash or bust
  • Pre-treat, post-treat for best results.
  • Grey hose, not blue.
  • If the water looks milky, panic.

Perhaps because the answer’s obvious and I’m overthinking it, or perhaps because I’m blind, but I haven’t seen any talk about cleaning sealed driveways. There’s plenty here about sealing driveways and whether or not it makes sense to offer the service, but would you treat and clean a sealed driveway any differently than a non-sealed one? What’s the risk, if there is any, in stripping that sealer off with 2500PSI?

I don’t remember the link or product. But the company supposedly specializes in concrete cleaning and sealing. They pretreated with a stripper of some sort then cleaned and re-sanded as normal then re-sealed with their product.

I know this is a lot of no information. Other than the old sealant was stripped first.