Subcontracting a Water Tower


For cosmetic cleaning it should take far less than 8hrs providing your using 8+gpm & strong mix, if you have to touch it all with HP 12 hours is reasonable. Good luck


@Maelstrom, kind of what i was thinking. Found out yesterday that they will be repainting the entire tank! Im waiting to hear back… I have talked to the owner briefly about softwashing & knows nothing about it (he said- we just blast the hell out of it) so i told him that just on the towers that they just have to clean & touch up i could save him time (time= $$). So if he goes with my price it will save him time/money & if not then they can just keep blasting the hell out of it! Lol


I’m so confused on why they would wash it before they sandblast it? Or are they not sandblasting it and just painting over the old paint?


Well, it looks like I’m just stuck washing down the municipalities water treatment buildings. I couldn’t make any headway on the water tower but I tried. He said they’ve got a company that does all the maintenance on it.

Also, I hate flat work, but I want this giant concrete pad if I can sweet talk them into it. It’s covered in algae as far as the eye can see.


Just sneak in there at night and run one pass right down the center with your surface cleaner. You could also just write your phone number on it so you know they’ll call you first.


Haha we think alike. I’m washing that pump house tomorrow and if anyone thinks I’m not going to make a pass all the way around with a surface cleaner they’ve lost their mind.


I thought the same & i didnt get into any details about it


Lmao! Ive contemplated writing my # or my logo but my luck is that id get some kinda graffiti charge!


I want to have someone CNC my number and logo in a 2x2 sheet of metal. Then I can lay it down and wash over it. Leaving my logo and number behind.


I have one only used it once


Here @squidskc let’s get these made up!
Maybe I can have our cnc class make them at work?


That sounds like it could get me in a heap of trouble. I’m super protective of our reputation here in KC so that makes my skin crawl. Lol


That’s worse than spray painting your name on the brick


Oh for sure! But I’d definitely have it on my driveway lol


Well the $3500 quote was an ok number BUT he subcontracted the WHOLE job (painting & all) to a “sister” companythat called him needing work this week they had a whole crew just sitting around & did it for bout half of what he bid the whole job for & all he has to do is supply the paint. Im not mad at all, good business on his part!! The good part is that he is sending work my way so i am going next week to look at 1 for sure tower to clean the inside & a large possibility of up to 4 or 5 towers that need either or maybe both inside & outside cleaned. Im thinking that the “sister” company cant profit from just the cleaning jobs where as i can without having to worry bout low balling (hopefully) lol


Are these municipalities water tanks? Drinking water?


The 1 i didnt get is! But i didnt ask when i spoke with him earlier.


Cleaning the inside requires a lot of EPA guidelines. @squidskc knows more I’m sure. I have a buddy that’s an under water welder that has had to do inspections inside of active tanks. He said it’s a pain!


Thats sure sounds like a pain


Underwater welders make bank or at least those that work on offshore oil rigs do.