Stucco help

3000 or so sqft house. Back is all stucco/dryvet or whatever it’s called. Mold and mildew just won’t come off with regular house wash mix. Going back this week with my gen 2 to apply some straight 12.5. I think this guy already damaged his Ouse cause he used to pw it himself. Don’t wanna over complicate the situation telling him about all these different solutions, when he’s already done the job himself before and gotten decent enough results. Any tips or tricks are greatly appreciated.

stucco and dryvit are different materials, know what you are cleaning before you try to clean it

is dryvet accrylic stucco? guy says its acrylic stucco on his house. in other conversations over the past few days i thought DV was AS… i could be very wrong. I know its Accrylic stucco on the house if that helps with my question

acrylic stucco is something else all together

But it should still clean up. Like I told you on the facebook group, either your mix is off or your downstreamer isn’t pulling right. Nuking the house with straight 12% is going to give you a whole othe set of problems.

Green house, anyone?

Thad, I think the guys on fb page was saying DS straight 12%, not apply straight 12%

“Going back this week with my gen 2 to apply some straight 12.5.” is what Dave said, Jeremy.

Thad, I misunderstood on the fb page…I thought they were talking about DSing with straight not applying straight…