Stucco and Bypass Questions

Hi all,

Last night I had my first stucco job. Ended up being able to get most of the grime off as seen here:

but struggled with the highest parts:

I hit with my x-jet at around 6% then around 8% with elemonator and a 10 minute dwell time. Could my issue be that my mix is losing power at the top of my stream? Would a straight 12.5% work or would should I try another chem?

Also, I finished plumbing my buffer tank yesterday, and noticed that I’m getting quite a good bit of flow bypassing with the trigger pulled down. Running a 5.5@2500 using 6.5 tips and 2502s on my surface cleaner. Should I move up to 7.5s and 2535s? Or is a steady stream normal with the trigger depressed?

I appreciate everyone’s help.

Harrison Bennett
Green Clean Exterior Renewal

You should be getting just a little more than a trickle out of your unloader when you’re on the trigger.

Look at the nozzle chart to figure what tips you want. 2’s are way too small. 3.5’s would put you right at 2500 psi pushing 5.53gpm, so .07gpm (a trickle) will get bypassed.

Stucco can be a bear to clean up. You might need to direct apply a heavy concentration for trouble spots.