Stubborn gutter stains

I’ve dealt with bad gutters but this one skunked me.

Mainly on the north side, the grey coating is similar to a solid tiger stripe. I did a housewash as usual to get organics off, then got my BD-20 (butyl) from Southside which is usually effective but this time didn’t phase it. Next was a degreaser, then One Restore, and finally BARC following the cookbook.

What the heck is this stuff and what gets it off??

Lot quicker and easier to just tell them to call a painter and paint them


Had one like that and used Gutter Gernade and it was white again. That’s my go to for gutter whitening….

Thanks Donny, I’ll check if Southside carries it. This stuff was NOT budging.

This is the correct answer.

Pressure Tek product.

Looks like the powder coat is just about gone off of those gutters.

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Why is my name grey @Infinity??

PWR watchlist? :grinning:

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Whats in that stuff? I’m guessing it is either just a weak acid or dlimone (if that is how you spell it).

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I’m innocent I swear :joy:

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Probably cheaper too…

so potassium hydroxide and surfactant, interesting. I had to look up ethoxylates, never heard that term.

The fatty alcohol ethoxylates are the non-ionic surfactants which are widely used in washing detergents both domestic and industrial . These are used as wetting and cleaning agents in cosmetics, agriculture, textile, paper, oil and various other process industries.

What is an ethoxylated ingredient?

Image result for ethoxylates

Ethoxylation is the process of reacting ethylene oxide with other chemicals to make them less harsh. Ethoxylation can create small amounts of 1,4-dioxane and leave residual ethylene oxide in the product. FOUND IN: shampoo, liquid soap, bubble bath, hair relaxers.

that’s what all the kids say when the ban hammer hits them. :grin:

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Wet down gutter, brush with cleansol bc, rinse, like new again.

Ever since they discontinued the Citrus Gutter Cleaner at Absolute Chemical I’ve been searching for something that works as well as that stuff did. Cleansol BC is far and away the winner.


Can cleansol strip paint?

Hahah I wasn’t banned I think I just ticked Steve off so he did something to make my name look like that. I don’t come around too often nowadays. These comments are the most active I’ve been in quite a while lol

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We rarely do it but F-13 Gutter Grenade from PT works like a charm. That particular gutter though could be too far gone with no finish remaining

According to the manufacturer, Cleansol BC can be made into a car cleaner. You already know that any serious cleaner can and will cause damage, its just about dilution levels, dwell times, and proper neutralization/rinsing. Therein lies the experience quotient. E.G. I did a concrete sidewalk yesterday that was black and slimy, had lichen all over it, and the black and slimy was thick. 3% didn’t touch it as a pretreat, so I pretreated it with the turbo nozzle, then housewash mix, let it dwell while washing house, then my surface cleaner with heat. then post treat with housewash mix. Turned out pretty good. If I was nick the new guy (which I still am for some surfaces and chems) and you all said just pretreat and post treat, I would have been there all day. The experience of knowing that 3% didn’t budge and I better lite it up makes the difference in my mind.

I have never used gutter butter or the 35 other gutter cleaner products out there. I have only used degreasers and acids. And let me say that @marinegrunt and @Hotshot have been schooling me on them for awhile. It isn’t like I came up with that info on my own.

Sorry for the elaborate response, not working today, safety glasses and a hood on and still got something in my eye. Just irritated I think. Dirtiest I have ever been on a job.

PIC as proof so you don’t think I’m BSing you

post turboing

all done