Stripping marine varnish

This one is going to be fun. Well built, older red mahogany deck with multiple existing stains (see pic). Tested under the handrail on a small section with EaCo Chem’s stripper cream, a highly caustic paste. As can be seen in the pic, worked well until it hit the base coating which is marine varnish.

I’m positive that Back to Nature’s Multi Strip will remove the varnish, but the product is costly and worse, it is extremely labor intensive to apply.

Anyone have a better solution? Thanks.

Those jobs always scared me Rick. Everett Abrams of Jim Foley might tackle wood jobs like that but not me. I would think a belt or orbital sander may be needed here. I own both but we haven’t used them in years…lol

Hi John,

We usually do a few of these a year. Challenging and laborious. Have to charge a lot of dinero, but if well built with good quality wood, worth it. We’ll use a Makita buffer and random orbitals, not to strip, but as a final light sanding immediately before staining. I still get a lot of satisfaction from saving good wood from prior injustices and the final result looks stunning. Customers are amazed.