Stripping a house and Shirts by Clark Hussey

[COLOR=#333333]This week alone we stripped 2 houses with a few other jobs as well. This house here is 3 stories in height on the sides and front which faces the Long Island Sound. We did not only the house but also the roof as well. This job took two days and today when my guys finished it was 39 degrees for the high. A total pain but where booked and these jobs have to get done… [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#333333]Clark Check out the shirts you just made for us… they are pretty stain resisting. Bleach or hydroxide hasnt hurt these shirts… [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#333333]Anyone reading this get Clark Hussey to do your shirts. He knows about Powerwashing and he knows what type of material works… Clark has also done our business cards. He is an Industry person that powerwashers and he knows what works best for us. Check out his website and let him suggest whats best for you but he will also do what you think is best as well. Just another reason to work with Industry type people who are out there like you are doing the work like we do. Thanks Clark:) [/COLOR]

These pictures the house was still drying so it will lighten up completely. Where also staining this house as well as the other house this week we did. One of these houses where going to use Armstrong Clark Amber stain which I’ll take pictures of this Tuesday. This house The home Owner had decided yet on what to stain it with… I’m pushing for the Armstrong Clark Amber as well but as usual he’s being picky… will see.

I’m sure it will come out great no matter what you use.

Thanks John

Hey Clark can you tell the viewers here what type of shirt that is again and do you have a better picture to show them? The shirt is comfortable as heck and looks good to–right back at ya with the Thanks as well.

The shirts are 100% polyester. The colored ones hold up much better than either cotton or 50/50 against sh.

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