StreetBidder App Not Working With Droid?

I wanted to try out streetbidder but it seems that the app for androids is not working. When you take a picture of a house using the app the picture never shows up. Am I the only one having this issue? I have tried un/re installing the app but still no dice.

Yeah it doesn’t work with my note 4. When I use my ipad it works great. Called streetbidder and told them of the problem was told they would look into it and never heard anything back so 3 weeks later I call again talk with same guy and he tells me that it must be something with my phone and I should try with something else. Needless to say I dont use them.

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That sucks. Street bidder looks like a awesome tool but I’m not going to change all my phones/devices to use it… I know I’ve called/emailed about the problem and haven’t heard anything.

We have this being fixed now and should be done in a couple weeks. Sorry for the trouble.