Street Bidder

So I was out with my daughter capturing pictures today and a guy ask what we are doing. Of course I give him the low down. Now we are on the next street over, about 5 minutes has gone by. I get pulled over. He comes up and tells me they received a complaint about a white van with a male and female taking pictures of homes. The van is labeled up too. I explained everything to the sheriff he laughs says good luck… and sent me on my way after documenting my info. He said perfectly legal. He liked the app idea.:slight_smile: [MENTION=1719]birdsbeware[/MENTION]

Wow thats crazy. Thanks for sharing. When asked what your doing simply reply with a big smile "Im doing window cleaning estimates would you like one? :slight_smile:

One of our users in NJ just booked a $1,000 job from his first batch of postcards! Keep rocking it!