Storing SH in garage next to Antique car

I’m just starting up a pressure washing business and have been reading through threads on here for the last couple of weeks taking in a lot of information. I’ve seen a few threads in relation to the storage of SH, but nothing that I saw that answers this question. I have small trailer that I put a 26 gallon 12V system on and wanted to know if I put that trailer in the garage with leftover solution in the tank at the end of the day, do I need to worry about the car rusting out at all? I’m probably gonna get beat up on this question especially using a 26 gal tank but I"m getting ready to retire from the military and looking to do a few jobs a week to keep me busy. I have not used that tank yet and wanted to be 100% sure and look to the experts for some feedback. Thank you.

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I don’t keep my new unopened pails in my large 2 car garage because I don’t want to take the chance.

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The SH fumes attack everything. At least in my shop they do. The bottom of my Snap On box is rusting because of it.

Yup, as Steve said it will chew through anything. I keep my tanks at the shop inside a little kitset garden shed, about $300, buy the cheapest one you can that can fit what you need and seal all the joints with a vent tube running outside. If it’s going to rust anything it can be the cheap little storage unit. Works great.


I appreciate the feedback. I had a hunch it wasn’t a good idea but was hoping for the answer I was looking for. Guess I’ll have to go to plan B which I don’t have yet.

I have what @MuscleMyHustle said. A little plastic type shed from Home Depot. It fits about 25 five gallon pails. I have it on the side of my house and doesn’t look bad.