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Question I am hoping someone can help me with. I am currently storing my trailer and equipment at my home in my garage. Although this is extremely convenient for many reasons, I would also like to be able to get my garage back and reclaim some of the space currently occupied by all the business stuff. And I’m pretty sure my wife would LOVE that as well! I have found a spot that is available to rent, but it is basically a storage unit. It’s not part of a storage unit place, just a small “unit” behind a commercial building. I was out riding around and found it and I think it would work as far as size is concerned. However, since it is basically the same thing as a storage unit, it just has the one roll up door and that’s about it. So really no ventilation or anything. Does anyone currently use a storage unit to store your equipment? And if so how does everything hold up? As in chemicals and such. Once its closed up, I would assume it would get pretty hot in there so didn’t know if I shoudl be concerned about storing my SH and other chems or even my gas cans inside without some form of ventilation. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I thought I might could even ask if the owner would be open to me adding an exhaust fan of some sort at my own expense.


Gotta pic of it ?


I can’t imagine it being any different then an enclosed trailer.


I didn’t get a pic, but here is a pic I googled. It’s basically the same thing except it was insulated. But same basic layout and construction.


True. Didn’t think about that.


I store my SH in my garage. It’s not climate controlled. It stays there for 2-4 weeks. No issues that I can tell.


I do the same. And its not climate controlled either but I would think its still insulated a lot better than the metal building I’m looking at. Good thoughts though, I appreciate it.

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To be honest, ive use sh left over 2-3 months later from fall time (december) in spring (march) and it seemed to work exactly the same. Not saying that what happens every time but i had no issues ha ha ha

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