**STOLEN** Heated Washer & Trailer

Good Morning Everyone,

Recently my ROSCO heated power washer was stolen on the 14’ trailer in the Bella Vista, Arkansas area. It has been reported. I need your help and eyes on the roads out there. It is unique in a way as the trailer floor is stained and the railing is painted with shiny black tractor paint. It has a large indentation in the front railing from cutting a corner too hard. Its a ROSCO unit which I don’t believe they make anymore under that name. Pictures are posted. Thanks everyone!!!

Bummer I hope you get it back !

I’m in Springfield, MO. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for it. We aren’t that far so it’s possible. I wish you luck with getting it back man. There’s nothing I hate more then a thief.

Thanks brother and I couldn’t agree more. I hope I get it back and the thief pays for ruining my business. Now I’m out of work until I get a job.

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Hope it’s recovered.
You can always rent a machine and keep working.
Good luck

That’s low. Keep an eye on Craig’s list in you’re area and the state’s around you. If u find them call to buy it and notify the local pd what’s going on. I hope you get it back. I font have a harsher so I’m always worried about the my trailer getting stolen. Did you have a lock on it?

Is it insured? That’s awful, people these days are absolutely gutless.

You replied to me. I wouldnt know. But Hopefully