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So no guarantees here but I’ve been watching a stock and just picked up 900 shares.

Ticker is HMNY currently sitting at .03¢ per share.

Do some research but from what I have seen this company has the potential to climb back to $1,000 per share or more. They had a really bad quarter report and it drove the stock to crap… in mid 2017 they fell from 4K a share to a few hundred a share then back to 3,500.

If you have $80 bucks to burn go pick them up. If it crashes you didn’t hear about them from me lol

If it climbs back up and you make hundreds of thousands you owe me pizza.

My wife hates them. She goes to the movies a lot. Bought their pass. Now they changed the conditions. Movies will be a thing of the past in 5 years
Now, of we could just get rid of the internet

“Don’t catch a falling knife.” If you make a few bucks through volatility I’d take it and run. HMNY is going to zero fast.


They still have 6MO of operating cash and a new market strategy. What if it doesn’t?

Also 3.5M subscribers

Then how would you throw melons?

I watched a report on cnn with the owners on why they moved the terms of use. They knew when they built the app that unlimited movies would never stay. It was to entice people. But now that people are signed up they still receive 3 free movie passes a month and discounted movies thereafter.

I picked up PTIE a few days ago when they dropped down to 1.02 and watched it ride to 2.34 when they received a 3.5M grant for research. Next day they agreed to sell millions of shares to another company at 90 some cents a share and I’m back where I started lol

I should have rode it to 2.10 and sold…

My risky stock pick? RAD, Rite Aid.

Man 8 bucks a share end of 2017 and sitting at 1.27 low now!

I may have to get in on that one!

I’ve forgotten what Walgreens paid but they got about 1/3 of Rad’s stores for something around $4 a share. And some of those stores were RAD’s worst. CEO made a corrupt deal to sell the remaining stores to Albertsons to get a CEO position in combined company. That got killed. I would guess fair value around $4_$5.

I know it’s not stocks but does anyone in this forum hold crypto I have some its low right now hopefully it booms again during holidays

I think they said the same thing about cassette tapes and Blockbuster video

Ha! We have the only remaining Blockbuster store in Bend Oregon. There use to be a couple in Alaska but they closed

No crypto but I have some MGTI stock. I was trading it and I sold enough to cover my purchase price so my cost basis is $0. Unfortunately crypto has been suckage ever since.

The thought of crypto just freaks me out. Never have or will buy any.

I’ve been watching the crypto currencies… interesting stuff.

I have about $60. It fluctuates

Very interesting. There is so much faith in something that is absolutely made up and that people made hundreds of thousands if not millions worth the last bitcoin spike. Its practically nonexistent and super vulnerable it just seems crazy. Not to mention there’s like 100s of them now.

I have a hard enough time trusting the value of a dollar lol


Or buying stock in a company for that matter! But for me buy something that is backed by a big fat ZERO is not an option in my book.

Well, it’s speculation. 1 kid turned $1,000 into $1,000,000. Not sure if he had the foresite to get out or put 10% aside but I hope so.

I believe in crypto and now is the time to buy most of the coins will double by December. And few will 10x …it’s a risk but y not throw a 100 at it just to see what happens . I have about $500 in it right now I seen it go up to $2500 and I didn’t sell because I know it’ll be worth much more one day.

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