Still Under Pressure

This big trailer rig is new to me and I am in a steep learning curve…

Noticed that the pressure gauge still reads 2500 psi after the engine was shutdown, the wand disconnected and everything put away over two hours ago. …I couldn’t restart it when I wanted to and now know why, it’s still under pressure! I have traced every hose and line but don’t see a way to relieve that pressure. …Can anyone help this dumb rookie?

Is there a ball valve at the wand? I don’t think that you would be able to remove the want if the line was still pressurized.

I relieved the pressure using the gun. It disconnected easily and no water was coming out of the hose. That was several hours ago but the pressure garage is sitting on 2500 psi. I have NEVER been able to restart the washer after running it awhile without first letting it sit overnight. …Some how, it appears there’s still pressure somewhere and that may be my restart problem as well.

Does it have a chemical injector on it? The small orifice inside of it may be plugged up.

I think it does. There’s so much to this unit and I drove to Tennessee over the weekend to pick it up and still discovering what all I bought. Have a house window job in the morning and will get right back to you on it with pics… Thanks very much for your patience and help.

Hi Russ, sending you some better pictures of what I have. The pressure gauge is still sitting on 2500 psi. There is downstream chemical.

This is the chemical injector line…all the lines are clear plastic so I see there is no co/chemical in the line at this time. The next pics will trace the chemical through to the pump for you to see.

Sending a couple different angles of the pump area so you can see everything.

I am not Russ, but if I were you, I would get a proper fitting wrench and begin to unscrew the pressure gauge from its connection.SLOWLY. REALLYSLOWLY. Until it pees one drop out. Then come back in a bit and loosen it just a wee bit more. Until the pressure is relieved.

Then, when all pressure is gone. , I would SLOWLY loosen the connections that are the downstream injector, and remove it from the system.

Then, after tightening up the pressure gauge, fire the machine up and see what happens.

But I am not you. So I would not advise you to do what I would do.

That sound good Tim, thanks.