Still Snowing Still Planing

Greetings to all. 1st time poster, long time reader of this forum. LOL ::rolleyes:
I have been trying to do all the reading that I can to make the best choices. Would like to thank all of you folks for the information you have shared. I believe I am already a better power washer than the weekend warriors out there. Just by what has been posted. That said I’ll get right to it.
Wolf Creek Power Washing is the name that we chose. We are based out of Wolf Creek Township, Mercer County, PA. If you wanted to find us on the map look for the intersection of I80 and I79 that will put you real close. Noticed that there does not seem to be any PWRA members close. Not saying no competition just not any of you folks. That will change as I am planning on joining as think I already got my money’s worth!!!
We are a NEW startup that had the idea of starting out washing campers and motor homes in the local camp grounds as there are many in our area. WEEKEND WARRIOR stuff, power washer, hose, brush and bucket and so on. I had NO IDEA!!! but I like to do my homework and WOW were my eyes opened!!! Also after reading this forum (still haven’t read all of it) I have realized that the washing of vinyl sided homes go right in hand with the org plan and a money maker if done correctly. Then how can you wash a home and leave a nasty looking roof? So I think I’ve seen it said here many time stick to one thing till you get it right over and over…This gives away my age a bit… on MASH Charles Emerson Winchester III always said “I do one thing very very well and then move on to the next!” So this is the niche that we have chosen. House washing. With and without wheels. So folks my questions will mostly be about that when the time comes.
I have started my biz plan, checked on insurance and I do plan on calling the ins company talked about here to compare to my local guy. Have contacted the commonwealth to get tax number, as we can’t deprive them a piece of the pie now can we. Have made lists of equipment ools owned and needed. Have a list of about 400.00$ worth of stuff for what looks to be my new best friend bob @ powertek Have met with 2 local contractors that will work together with us to promote all our biz adventures with a few more to go. I have also looked up and studied the proper terminology which I did have a little bit of trouble understanding as a newbie ie roof snot…f13 f 8 SH and such but like I said did my homework. I have the office already with the software to keep things straight. My list are long and my ideas great and everyone reading this got a break today as I talk a heck of a lot faster than I type but think I have run at the mouth enough for one day…just to get the little notice to go away that says I haven’t posted yet LOL!!! Please point me in the right direction if you see me going the wrong way. I still have a little time as it snowed here again last night and didn’t get above 20 here again today. Thanks

Welcome! You sure have started off on the right foot it seems. Good luck to you!

Welcome from fellow newbie!

It warms the cockles of my heart to see a new guy actually show up having already spent some time reading.

You’ll do well Wolf AllWet.

Your at the right place Wolf. Just a matter of time you’ll be Howling at all the money your going to make if you keep at it:)

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!


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gona give this a try again seems I had a little prob over weekend DARN computers lol…
1st to the folks that I guess privately contacted me . it may take me a while to fig out all this stuff on here so just post reply for a while…thanks I will most certainly trade tips and talk about what I know or what I’ve picked up with you…the only thing I ask is if I do know what im talking about I will need you to email a few people an tell them so .i.e. wife kids etc. LOL

I did set up my website over weekend with the help of go daddy think it cost me 50-60 bucks 2 domains .com and .net plus the hosting of the sites and email address for biz and staff… so check it out its up but you wont find it via Google as I haven’t done any of the things need to have it pop up on searches and its really not ready for prime time…all stock photos from there web design software and the high here this week end was like 25 so had a little time to kill wwwdotwolfcreekpowerwashingdotcom I will starting a couple new threads here shortly with the techy question I have but still have a couple hundred more threads to read