Stained pine house

I went to bid a stained pine house. The guy is wanting it just washed. He is going to restrain it but with the same solid stain it has on it. O getting it stripped won’t be that big of deal. I’m just wondering is my same house wash will work. 3 gal sh 2 gal h20 6 ounces of elemonator. Also would I treat it like a deck, letting it sit on it for awhile before washing it off. And the pricing I have no idea. If it was a vinyl house no biggie. But not sure if I should price it different being wood. It is a 2100 square foot house with the gable ends about 18 ft. Plus 2 decks, 1 us the length of the house 70 feet. And an outhouse. Any advice will be appreciated. I’m trying to add pics but it keeps saying to big and to resize it. But I can figure it out

How much are you thinking about charging him?
What ever you bid him just make sure it’s worth your time

any pics i take with my phone it says to big to put on here. My camera pics are fine

Adjust the resolution on your phone to a lesser resolution and the pics will post on the forum, no problem.