Stacked reels

Getting ready to stack my reels on my trailer.
Any pros/cons as to who goes on top?
In other words, should supply go on top, or pressure?
Thoughts or opinions?

Literally just had mine installed a week ago… I have a van with two doors on the back. I had them installed with garden on top and pressure on bottom. I like it so far… I can’t see why one would really be better then the other, I guess having it at the bottom for your pressure hose means it wont constantly be bumping in to the garden hose line if they were switched around? Mine is working well so far!

My understanding is that pressure reel should go on bottom (if your using a trapped pressure unloader). The pressure spikes when your on/off the trigger can twist the frame and over time just be harder on the stack.

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I just ordered another reel with a stacking kit. My plan is to have the supply hose mounted to the trailer, have my high pressure mounted to the trailer and stack a reel in top for 100ft if extra high pressure when I need it.

not a very good picture, but I like pressure one top, supply on the bottom.

I like to mount mine on the side.

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I have my supply on the bottom, pressure washer in the middle, and roof pump hose up top. It works for me.