Spring rush and other questions


Last year I missed the spring rush and got started a bit late. At what temperatures/months do you start getting your customers?

Any advice on how to handle the spring time. Any tips for maximum profits.

Should I have designated days where I go hard and market to be able to schedule for future dates?

The window washers marketing blueprint book says to market the most when you are busy. Just trying to figure out the best options.


Soon as there are a couple of days above 60 here phones start ringing.


@Racer is spot on here and it doesn’t need to be 60 here in TX. I have 16 carry over contracts and the first day we got above freezing I started getting emails about when I would be there. It’s a good problem to have but it can be more than a little frustrating when it’s to cold to start working until early afternoon. Bottom line for me is get there first.
Something that has been very effective for me and most of you in the northern states in particular is doing home and garden shows. They are cheap (about 1600.00) and you will probably be the only contractor there offering windows, PW and or staining. I had so many hot leads off my first show I couldn’t bid them all. If you are not sure how to approach a tradeshow I am happy to help. I did 12-16 a year over 15 years after I retired from the Marine Corps. You do need to be comfortable talking to strangers but it can set you up for the coming year. It was the single biggest reason I succeeded my first year in business.


Same, ill get started calls once it warms up. Usually once pollen starts to slow down, but just depends on calls.

Hopefully need to start early and stay busy… im limited to weekend until June.


Were talking a booth, maybe table cloth with text “HOUSE WASHING” etc. flyers cards etc. right.

1600 is a bit above my marketing budget for this year, but maybe late spring / early next year I can hit up a few of them.

What about stands in farmers markets?


Soon as calls come in. I usually get hammered first warm day in March.


I’ve never tried a Farmer’s Market so I don’t know about them. You’ll certainly get exposure but you might want to find out if there are certain days that are better than others. i.e. a popular product is only brought to market twice a month so that would be a better day to be there. IDK, just a thought.
As for the 1600.00 that is what a 10x10 costs in our local H&G show. it might be less where you are. If I were attending for PW etc. I would get a large computer monitor and run a video loop of before and after pictures and some actual cleaning videos. People will stop to watch and that’s your chance to talk to them. Have some flyers available with your services on them etc. Good Luck.