Spray Wash Pro

Anyone here join Spray Wash Pro? I know it’s another organization and we all know the good and bad. Ray Burke is a decent guy. Just throwing it out there.

I think Ray is a pretty awesome guy. This scares the heck out of me

The uamcc/PWNA/associated vendors have sold contractors down the river. I couldn’t put support behind another org that might. But that’s my opinion and I have talked to Ray personally about their intentions


I value your input. The PWRA has been the best group by far even with all the shenanigans😀

We don’t have shenanigans here. We have hiccups in tranquility every six months or so :slight_smile:


What I have seen is that most of the orgs are built around one strong personality, Ray is no exception. He was supposed to take over the UAMCC, an org that I have very little respect for. Therefore I question Ray’s judgement. Besides that, I am personally not looking to pay my hard earned money to some group so they can put their fake stamp of approval on me and I can push out some impressive sounding but meaningless certifications on to my website.


Bingo. Five minutes ago I did renew my membership here so I could get the employee hand book. Now I can’t find it in the fancy new search engine lol. Help me


His class in Nashville was garbage, very ego driven.

As we were eating bbq and listening to the live band he thought so highly of himself that he went and put his YouTube videos of him power washing on all 8 TVs that were set up in the tent.
Pretty disrespectful to the band

7pm, BBQ, Live Music,Keg of beer, and he thought hey you know what people really want?

Watch me and my booster pump spray bleach everywhere


If it was my event you would have been watching videos of my off grid cabin and drinking cheerwine. Good times.


Thank you kindly

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They served bbq over hot chicken at a Nashville event? Jeez

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Lol. Last year he took the microphone away from Tim Aselton who was explaining how to setup a booster pump with a pro-portioner and “interjected” his thoughts about booster pumps for the rest of the hour. This was after he had just finished 2 hours of his own sessions. My wife was like “who is that guy?”

That said, I do like the guy personally, and he will help people without any expectations of return, but as far as joining his org? Not for me.


Is Nashville known for hot chicken? Down here all chicken is served hot, except for chicken salad.

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There’s others in the city but Prince’s right off 65 north of town is incredible.

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