Spray tip help needed

So, I just washed 2 houses today with my new Pressure Pro 4/4. The machine came with 5 tips. White, Red, Yellow, Green and black. I read the owners manual and it states the Black tip is the only one that will pull chemicals. Sure enough it is. Problem being I can’t reach the top of a 2 story house. I used the Black tip down low and switched to the yellow tip and sprayed what was left in the 200’ of hose to soap the 2nd story. Didn’t feel very efficient. Any ideas?

You have 5 days reading time and you don’t know this? Back to the drawing board…lol. Just research shooter tip or downstreaming and you’ll learn a ton. Out of curiosity and maybe because my name is Max, why is your name Madmax?

Pick up the white tip. Hold it in your left hand. Pick up the other tips with you right hand. Throw away everything in your right hand. When your turbo nozzle arrives throw away what is in your left hand. Order the proper nozzles. Pay someone to show you how to wash.


Gee that seems a little harsh. So I’m guessing the tips I have are junk. Okay. I will try to read up on what nozzles I need. To Max1 my username is because I was a field service tech in the machine tool industry for a long time. Also known as a road warrior. My last name is Macomber so I’ve always been called Mac. Or Mad Max.

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Search “second story tips” on Amazon. $10 delivered to your door. Problem solved. Probably $15 at HD.

Lol don’t go throwing your tips away, well except maybe the red tip.

The guy who sold me the pressure washer told me the red tip was good for bees nests.:joy: I don’t plan on using it.

So a little time with the search bar and I find IBS suggesting a 0040 and 0050 is all you need. Thanks for all your help.


If you’re going with a bare tip you also need to order a 1/4 male qc.

Got it. Thank you.

That’s for a bigger machine. Try some 0030 and 0040’s

Spend another $60 and get you a 3-7 gal m5ds nozzle. All you’ll need for washing houses, except maybe a shooter tip for windy days.

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Okay guys thank you. I’ll try the 0030 and 0040.for now. Maybe try Racers suggestion too and see what works for me.

Definitely buy one of these. They’re great

I’m a fan of the Jrod. Works great for saoping and rinsing. You can customize your tips. Search Jrod on here and YouTube.

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Same here, I tried the M-5…but much prefer the jrod for my use.

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I don’t care for the M5, I really like the jrod. Haven’t tried a DS yet though.

My wife balks at me buying another $100 gadget, I just tell her it’s like a Harley but makes money.


Okay, so I’ve got an M%DS ordered from Pressure Tek. Will be here Wednesday. I went to my local Pressure washer dealer and he didn’t have or know much about nozzles. I was able to get a 0030 from him. I’ll be testing that out today. I really appreciate everyones input.

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