Spotted up siding and sidewalks

Need some advice on a job we just finished up on. So we just pressure washed a house and the custumers sidewalks, it’s been a week and she just sent me pics saying that there were spots showing up on the sidewalks and one side of the house. Can someone help me out never have had this happen. The customer is not happy.

Any advice? Thanks, Matt

Muriatic acid or vinegar on concrete. Google mottling or pinto concrete. As far as the house, methods? Pics?

OK thank you I will look it up. As for the house here’s a pic of it. This only happened on one side she is happy with the rest. We use outdoor bleach applied with PW 4gpm. To me it seems this area just didn’t come clean, but I’m just not sure. We haven’t made it back over to the house to see in person. The day we left the job it didn’t look this way. These pics were just sent to me this evening which is a week after house was clean.

@SPC Check out this thread. When you go back by the house run your hand across it and if it’s chalky you know how to fix it.


Cool thanks…

When u apply the f13… can you add that to your house mix so u can clean and fix the oxidation at the same time?

Does anyone know where to buy F13?

In curios about adding it to your mix as well. Any one with experience?

Will it work DS?

Here’s another question does anyone see anything wrong with this sidewalk