Spider webs on EIFS ceiling (dry vit)


Any suggestions on removing webs from an EIFS ceiling? We have used cobweb dusters in the past. I wasn’t sure if downstreaming a house wash mix would do anything at all. It is about a 40 by 120 foot section of ceiling over a drop off and pick up area. About 18 feet above grade. If its possible to do with pressure washer easier then poles I would prefer to do it that way.


You’ll find yourself just pushing them around, easiest thing to do is cobweb dust it a bit to get the bulk off


That’s what I thought. Felt like I tried a power washer years ago and it didn’t work but I also was doing a higher ceiling over a walkway and not using chemicals on it. I was hoping sh would help break down the webs.


Soap and Sh will break down the webs, and makes rinsing them easier.


I’m with Donte on this one. SH will break down the webs or has in my cases.


Thanks guys I am going to give it a try. I will post results. What surfactant would you use? I typically use elemonator just not sure if it will be “sticky” enough to hang on the underside of the roof.


It’ll be fine. I don’t even own a web duster or whatever you call it.