Spammers and scammers

Just wondering if anyone else has been absolutely bombarded with spam calls recently. I keep getting the ones from “US Directory” asking me to verify my contact info and business info, and no matter how many times I hang up or tell them no, they keep calling. To the tune of 14 times in the last 48 hours. Not to mention all the robocalls trying to sell me health insurance or minimize my student loans (even though I have none haha).

Yes and yes. Nothing stops it. Block it, new number same bs.

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Did yall pay to have yalls info anonomus on your website( not the contact info)

But your cars extended warranty is about to expire!


Yeah I hate that one.

Mine web whois doesnt show my info.
It is free for me

RoboKiller is an app. $30 a year and I haven’t gotten a spam or sales call in a month.

Won money and an award from the FCC for doing what they couldn’t. Stopping spam calls.

It has a database of 1.2 million numbers (and growing) and IP addresses it automatically shuts down. If one slides through it makes the spammer or salesperson suffer through obnoxious recordings like someone else is trying to have a conversation back to them or high pitched screeching, etc.


Microsoft keeps calling me saying I have a virus. Ever get the FBI agent calling you that barely speaks English?

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Did you sign up with home advisor recently? I kept getting spam calls on my number listed there, switched numbers on there and then the new one started getting spam, and now it’s group text spam sent to me and other cleaning contractors

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Are you still using bidslot? I hardly get any spam calls now since they’ve taken my
Number. Either that or there not logging them.

I imagine they use some kind of spam software or something…cause I imagine April and her team would answer 1,000 spam calls a day

No, although they have been calling me once a month since September to try and get me to sign up. For right now I have an old school flip phone for my work number, and it doesn’t have a “block number” feature :unamused: so I’m stuck just hanging up on them every time they call.

I love it. I’m going to give it a try. The dnc list is not working for me. Calls slowed down but they really want to give me a knee brace or back brace for my chronic pain I do not have.


Lol I get the back brace for my cronic pain calls also!

Also, the google my business listening needs updating

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Ya, I block a few but usually just hang up and that’s it
I guess it’s somewhat inevitable since our numbers are posted online :man_shrugging: