Someone gave me a trailer, help me out

Hey guys, so a very nice Family member gave me a trailer. It was a completely unsolicited and generous gift. They had used it for business years ago and just wanted to help me with my business. So it’s not new or real pretty. But it isn’t rusted out and pulls good. I towed it 700 miles to texas after putting new tires and rims on it and greasing the heck out of the hubs.

That’s the inside and my smallest employee helping me blast the algea off the out side before towing (check out that good stance, lol) Thing was thick with about 7 years of pollen and algea build up from sitting under trees. Anyway, structurally it’s sound!

So how about some advice on how to set it up? I believe it’s 12x5± inside and it’s not tall enough to stand up in without stooping, maybe 5’9" give or take. I’m looking forward to not having to get up so early to load my truck in the morning, and then forcing my self to unload it at night when I’m wore out. Any suggestions from you guys with trailers, especially enclosed trailers would be greatly appreciated.

So far I’m thinking about mounting my reels to the overhead at either side of the back doors. I’ve got two pressure washers running in parallel. I want to strap in an ibc tote over the axle for water supply, wall clips for two surface cleaners, a couple of wands and 3 differnt brushes on handles, floor squeegie, and extension pole. I’ve got an inverter generator as well I want to put in for lights and anything else like maybe a pump when I get into roof cleaning. I also want to add some shelving for 5 gallon buckets and gallons of cleaners and a tool box somewhere. Anyway, everything goes inside! Sorry about all the word vomit, I’m just excited. I look fwd to your replies!

That’s awesome…good for you! There’s an old thread on here that has a bunch of pictures of trailer setups and it helped me out a lot when I was designing my layout. (If I can find it I’ll post the link here for you later on)

Also, YouTube has a lot of good trailer layout videos, some from guys on here.

Here ya go. Mostly open trailers on this one, but it might give you some good ideas.

If you search “trailer setup” a lot of threads show up, but it looks like a lot of the pictures didn’t transfer to this new platform. (Bummer because there were some REALLY sweet rig pictures) Maybe someone else knows how to get those pictures to show up?

Before you do anything you must seal the floor & at least 4" up the side walls. Also (because of of age) I would check all the cross braces and frame for broken welds and rust

@Atlas1 thanks for the link. I was digging around earlier and found a ton of pictures seem to be missing, so sad.

@GuyB good point, and I was wondering about that. Any recommendations on how to water proof it? As far as the bottom goes, rust is minimal and no broken welds.

Thinking about tearing out the carpet and doing diy rhino liner.

Be careful with the DIY bed liner, a lot of guys have had problems with it, and you DO NOT want to rust out your floor and/or walls!

That said, I used the DIY stuff from Harbor Freight (can’t remember the name) on my 4x6 open trailer and it did great. They recommend 5 mils thick, but I did about 10-15 mils.

Rhinoliner or Line-x are more expensive, but you really don’t want to skimp on this!

Did you just roll it on? I played with some from Lowes about 15 years ago doing the running boards on a mudding truck. I imagine it’s gotten better since then.

I did roll it on. Actually, I poured it on and spread around with the roller. I couldn’t get it thick enough by dipping the roller in the costing. I also let it dry for at least an hour between coats If you don’t do that it tries to stick to itself and then you have a real mess!

Just got the carpet out thismorning and the first coat of bed liner down. Definitely going to need two coats.

Try to come up the sides of the walls…About 1 ft or so…Here is a photo of my 14 ft…

I definitely will. I used a whole gallon on the deck, and came up the side a couple inches to seal the corners good. I’ll have to let it cure for a while and get another gallon or two to finish it. The wood just soaked that stuff up.

Also cut holes in a few places in the floor for drainage…start from underneath the trailer so you are center in between the steel supports…

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The second coat looks much better. Still need to do the walls in a second coat once the deck cures. As an after thought, I think I should paint up the sides of the walls the rest of the way with something, maybe white to make it brighter inside.

Looks good…

Here are photos of my 20’

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Nice, I like it! Mine is going to be much more cluttered with gear though, lol.

Did you put panels on that trailer?? I know it’s a old tread but just go my trailer