Softwashing house with tank and 12v

i just got set up for roof cleaning and got the idea in my head to use it like alot of you do for house washing,(just different Ratio) But what is the best wasy to rinse with this setup? garden hose?:confused:

That is barely ok for small one story vinyl homes but is not an effective way to get stuff really clean. Just nuking stuff with bleach and leaving it (which is recommended by some) isn’t cleaning, it’s bleaching.
If you need to use a 12v then be sure to cut back your bleach ratio and rinse very well. The customer’s garden hose will work better than your 12v.

We tried using the Fatboy for house washing. Did one job went right back to down streaming.

Same here.

Ok guys, i didnt think so just wasnt quite sure. Whats is it exactly people use if they dont downstream with powerwasher? BTW i actually like downsteaming just would like to know.

Just downstreamed a house today - whole house out of a 5 gal bucket. Nasty algae. Of course, the downstream attachement stopped working as the job got started. Having a backup injector is A NECCESSITY! Amazing watching the algae just melt off the house!

that’s about the nastiest house I’ve ever seen. good work :open_mouth:

+1 on having the backup injector. Ours are all set with quick connects so we just plug them in and go.

When I first started out, I did houses with a 12v while rinsing with a garden hose. Not the quickest or effective, but can be done. Downstreaming by far is the quickest and most effective way and I also second of having a backup and a backup for the backup injector.

We tried it on one house as well :slight_smile:

I can’t believe I forgot that as much as Micah and I made fun of you for that!

Softwashing with a 12V is a PITA! Too many hoses to carry around and not even distance for most homes that we do.

I did it cause I didnt have enough capital for a good machine, but I wouldnt ever go back to doing it again lol