Softwash on a different level

i was cleaning some carpet today and my customer had hired a powerwasher that arrived at the same time that i was there. he was there for about an hour and a half and noticed that they had only cleaned one side of the house. these guys had a unit with a 20 gallon tank that was being used to apply product only. they had one guy on a ladder with a garden hose rinsing t all off.

there were two guys and one of their 4-6 year old daughters sitting in the truck.

they charged $50 more than i would have, and i would have been done the whole house in half the time they did by myself

Sounds like they drank the koolaid.



And they had work that day. And their kids had supper that night. I’d say it worked out pretty well all the way around.

Hey, don’t get me wrong. More power to them. I guess where I spend my money on better equipment, they spent theirs on marketing. They got the job and not me. They are obviously did something better than me. I was just kinda surprised at what I had seen.

I think it may have been a pity wash. I lost a job to a “guy in the neighborhood” who was poor. I watched him wash for a little while (it had to take him most of the day for a 1hr job) and offered to show him how to soft wash but he wasn’t interested.

Do you know where to get a great deal pressure washer device? :smiley: Anyone?