What are you using to keep track of your jobs / scheduling / billing etc?

For appointments I use Google Calendar, for organizing contacts I use excel. With the spreadsheet I also input the status of the job as completed, pending, scheduled etc.

The Customer Factor

Awesome software for cleaning contractors. I use it for all customer management database, scheduling, customer email reminders and followups, expense tracking, reporting…

quickbooks and google calendar

Quickbooks and Google Calendar, but seriously looking at The Customer Factor for next year.

Customer Factor

Yea I love the customer factor…

As I have mentioned in the past we use Service Ceo… I have kinda a love hate relationship with it… Im constantly looking for something new… But we have so much data in there moving is going to be a huge project.

I would love to hear whats some others are using.

I have been putting it off but I have spent quite a bit of money on customizing vtiger and am thinking about integrating it with Quickbooks. We currently use Quickbooks to some degree, but hopefully by spring, we will be relying more on the vtiger.

Btw, Vtiger is an open source CRM that I customized to fit our industry…

What kind of tweaks did you make?

Took out a bunch of fields like shipping info, etc… changed the PDF layout for the estimates and invoices and some other things for the layout of it. Put in several other mods that make it easier for our fields. I can show you on the backend server if you want Chris. I also found a program that will sync Vtiger on both ends with Quickbooks. If you do changes in either it updates the other.

Cool, maybe I can check it out when I see you in Huntsville.

I started using QB within a year of its release and used ACT for about 1 year. I realized early on that I wanted to track my job times and other things for productivity. Back in 1989, there was nothing on the market that would do that. So, I started checking into database software. The first one I used was Q&A. Played around with it for about 4 to 5 years. The I switch to FileMaker Pro version 3. Too make a long story short I basically run the service business out of FM. I was doing thing that Servcie SEO and other programs 3 to 5 years before they did. It would be nice to switch away from it but there are just too many unique things we do with it. Our latest integration is with the IPad. We now have all our truck washing crews on the IPad and completely paperless… very cool!!!

We still use Quick Books just can’t beat their account software and it would be a lot of work to duplicate. Dropped ACT a long long time ago. It was too easy to build our own CRM. Everything else is FileMaker, now on version 12. They keep making it better and better.

I have heard nothing but good stuff about The Customer Factor. I really have to check it out, especially since we get a great discount through the PWRA.

To you guys using Customer Factor- I heard there were new updates. What was added?

It syncs with google calendars now so that’s awesome. Responsibid integration. Only been running it since jan 1 and really impressed. Other than having to hand enter over 600 clients.

I’m considering the switch to customer factor. Mainly for streamlining follow up duties etc.
I’m really interested in learning more about the FileMaker Pro option. I’ve had a guy at the apple store mention there are tutoring programs they offer for businesses (paid).

I would only recommend Filemaker Pro if you find a solution that has already been built or you don’t mind taking the time to program. There was nothing around that I liked back 1988 when I started using Q&A, later I went to FileMaker v3.

I no longer program I don’t have the time. Because we do some much with FM I have a fulltime programmer on staff. Our solution is customized to our business and it changes daily. By no means do you have to go to this extreme. You can find a solution that will plug and go with FM you just need to look around. FM even has some that come with it out of the box and you can find others from third parties companies.

I hope that helps.

All of this stuff makes my head spin! Is there a dummy proof version of any complete business solution software? I’m a total tech moron!