Software or Program to measure?

What is out there for us to use to measure a customers home/roof before we go look at the job? I know I have read where some of you do that. I looked at google earth but I dont see where you can do any measuring on it. So what do you use and how well does it work for you?


There’s an app with an attachment to your smart phone that does it but it’s expensive. $550-$600 range I believe.
There was a guy on PWI that mentioned it a while back.

If you can find out the square footage of the home, and approximate pitch of the roof, it’s pretty simple math. There are lots of websites that you can go to to figure out sq footage of a home.

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Divide your roof pitch by 12. Roof pitch is given as the number of inches in height change over the distance of one foot. Dividing by 12 gives the ratio of inches in rise per distance. For example, a standard roof pitch is likely to be about 4. So for a pitch angle of 4, divide by 12 and get 1/3.

Square the result of Step 1. So keeping with our roof pitch of 4 this gives us 1/9.

Add 1, then take the square root. Adding 1 gives us 1 + 1/9 = 10/9, then taking the square root gives us about 1.0541.

Multiply by the square footage of a single floor of your house. So continuing our example, if you’ve got a two story house with a total square footage of 2,700 square feet, with each floor having 1,350 square feet, multiply 1,350 by 1.0541 to get 1,423 square feet. So you have 1,423 square feet.

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I mark my prices up to where I have wiggle room do I don’t have to go through all that measuring hassle. I measure on total sq ft alone either from the tax assessors site or measure from If a customer calls I can give them a price as soon as I have their address within 60 seconds.

I only have 4 prices within a $100 range. For example, if it’s in the $300 range, my prices are $325, 345, 375, and $395.

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You can do the same, with exact numbers, in that same 60 seconds…

But, I was a roofer for over 10 years, so it’s a little easier. You just have to ask them one more question, or look up street view on Google Maps. Either way is fine. It’s just preference on whether you want pretty close to exact, or not.

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If you’re new to the biz, don’t expect to sell jobs in 60 seconds. It has taken most of us years to develop our own individual customized way for our personalities and also markets. The best bidding advice I could give a newbie is to bid as many as you can in person till you get so busy you can’t do them all that way or till you learn your problem areas in business and can assess those by just looking at a computer screen.

Ok, so I have gotten some really good responses but none of them are exactly what I’m looking for. Maybe using a roof as an example was the wrong way to go. Let’s say I wanted to measure a walmart parking lot without pulling out a ruler. Is there a way to do it online or through some software?

Thanks for your patience guys and your help!

Using google earth is easy even for this old timer. Look for this icon in the tool bar. Click on it. When the box opens click on the area on the map/view of the walmart parking lot and drag it from point a to b and it will give you the length. Document that. Use the clear button in the box and you can measure the width.

Keep in mind that google earth’s measurement tool is only as good as the image. In our case the homes are buried in the woods and we will have to visit the house to do an accurate roof cleaning quote. We use pitch guage app on our phones, which is free, and will allow you to calculate the pitch of the roof in your measurements.

If you have questions please feel free to call me.


Lol I already gave you the answer you were looking for and you ignored it :slight_smile:

Actually I didn’t ignore it and yes you gave me exactly what I was looking for! LOL I had to wait to try it out on my home computer. Barracuda web filter blocked it on my government computer.