Soft wash extension pole

Does anyone here use a power washing extension pole and run your soft wash system with it? Trying to get some high peaks on a super steep roof.


You could stop by Bojangles and get some drinking straws and tape them together.


@bpowerwashing why not use a lift like at that zion church you did in 2 days for 35k?


No see what he needs is a whirlybird 2 pin electrostatic pump that will shoot at least 300 feet straight up on a windy day

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I have four of them but couldn’t make out the name on the id tag until now. Yup they are definitely 2 pin units lol I’ll rent them out for $800 hr if anybody needs one

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Well, not a pole but I do use a 6’ lance to reach some 3 story peaks. My 5.5 machine just can’t quite get up there in a breeze.

I used an unger with the jrod tip at the end like in a previous post by another person. This is for softwashing roofs, not softwashing vinyl.

Ah gotcha.