Socal Insurance for pressure washing

Anyone in socal here? Any suggestions on insurance agents/companies? Were ready to make a switch.

im assuming you either had or have looked into Joseph D Walters in the “all About Insurance” section of the forums?

it seems like some people really love him, some really don’t lol.

I got a quote from them 1 year ago… It was about $2,900 per year…

oh wow

$250 a month can buy me a new rig set up, a nice 8gpm unit…

yeah i hear ya… i thought they were charging 1200 a year previously.

looks like things have changed =/

We have Joe Walters insurance now for 15yrs. There still a $1000+ cheaper then any other insurance company in my state plus I saved a ton with them thru my PWRA discount year.

I might have them update me a new quote.

anyone have anything else to say about joe walters?

gonna be looking for insurance shortly.

What I would say is take a few minutes and give our agents a call and see what you think.
Or check out our website at Joseph D. Walters Insurance.

Not one business is exactly the same because of location, what your needs are and what you are cleaning. We realize we won’t be the best fit for all…but we are the best fit for many in your industry!

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