So who’s stoked about the 6th Annual New Orleans Contractor Networking Event!?

It’s cold and “snowing” here now but it’s supposed to be warm and sunny in the fabulous French Quarter next weekend!

We’re staying here:

The conference is here:

The Facebook group is here:

Sound off if you’re coming!

7 days

I will be there, looking forward to another great event.

Where pumped. Snow or not… A break from reality is always fun. Cya’s there.

It’s supposed to be 60s and sunny.

You know Anya and I will be there. How’s getting there Wed. Anya and I land around 2 and are going site seeing since it our first time to NOLA.

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Alex Curry

My wife and I will be there Thursday around noon. Cant wait!!

I cant wait… I need NOLA!

Hi Thad

First time at Nola. What is the schedule of events and training. We have heard many great things about Nola.

The program will run from Friday morning until Saturday afternoon. There is also a separate free ResponsiBid training session Thursday afternoon that will be invaluable for anyone using ResponsiBid (PWRA members get a $350 credit so the Basic version is free) or considering adding this amazing piece of software whether they use it for online bids or in-person.

Thanks Thad,

Look forward to meeting you Thursday.

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Me, too!

YES YES…and did I say YES.