So, Who Has Had Their Health Insurance Cancelled?

What is Obamacare doing for you?

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grandfathered in

Making me shake my head just like the rest his crap…I blame Congress too.

My Wife works in the healthcare system and our insurance is provided through her employer (hospital). It’s my understanding a big turd ball is rolling down hill, not here yet…but it’s coming.

Come January, our insurance is getting dropped, or premiums increasing 400%. I’m so excited…

obamacare rules. my plan with blue cross is being discontinued, so i called to see what was available to replace it. i guess i qualified for a couple of tax credits, so i’m getting way better coverage plus vision and dental for $150 less/month than what i’ve been paying the last ten years. went from $550 to $400 per month for a family of four.

So it’s not all bad news.

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First positive thing I’ve read, good deal Caleb.

I just think more Government intrusion in my life is unwarranted. We’ve got insurance, I don’t need help with that, my Wife and I are responsible enough to make sure our Family has that without the Government being involved.

If they really want to help citizens they should…

Make sure Social Security will be there when we need it…Stop giving taxpayer money to everyone with a hand out…promote more US job growth… Protect US jobs… increase import tariffs … Take better care of our Veterans …Take better care of our Native American population … Protect our Boarders … Increase support for Small Business … Impose a 1-2% Fed Tax on internet sales … Let citizens decide (Vote) what’s best for Citizens not Law Makers …

Return this Country to a Government that is “Of The People, By The People, & For The People”

i’ll add one more thing to that: flush the 75,000 pages of tax code down the toilet. switch to a flat tax, on both the federal and state level.

I agree Caleb…All this Obamacare BS is just smoke & Mirrors and slight of hand for the “Real” issues and work that needs to be done for Americans & America.

Healthcare is an “Issue”…It’s just not the most pressing issue.

If I understand this correctly it sounds like I will be a one man show again or only have part timers I cant afford mandatory insurance for full time employees. What we need is the gold standard and free markets that built this country without the intrusion of government. And I totally agree w the flat tax. If tithing can work for the Lord it should work for government. 10% from all corps, biz, and personal entities would be more than enough. GE paid a smaller % than most families did last year…

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That is the only part of your statement I disagree with, why are you asking for more taxes?

The flat tax is a good idea but I like the universal sales tax better. That is 10% (or whatever it takes to make it work) on everything being purchased, no deductibles for anyone or any business. Income level, marital status, skin color, size of your business, number of employees, absolutely no deductibles. Everyone will be paying the amount whenever they purchase anything.

But, but, but…
That’s not fair!!!

You’re trying to take away my free money tax return. How will I get a new TV!?!?!?

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Jim, we all have to pay taxes “Everybody” Internet sales pay NO taxes…None, this amounts to 100’s of billions of dollars. If were me I’d direct this internet tax to directly go to the paying down of the National Debt…it would be erased in a few short years.

I’m not in favor of increased taxes on Citizens but…The current situation will not be solved in my lifetime with continued “Spend, Spend, Spend” mentality of our Government, you can’t spend what you don’t have.

I agree with the 10% flat tax but that will never happen because Big Business and Liberals won’t allow it because its a fair deal across the board for everyone.

internet businesses pay state taxes for the state they operate in, depending on the state.

The problem is this, should the buyer pay his state tax or the state tax from where the seller operates or what if the seller has the products drop shipped from a third state?? Who calculates and pays all those taxes?

It used to be tax and spend libs, now its spend and tax later - these people (politicians) should be ashamed of themselves for leading this once great Country down this road. They exempt themselves from the laws they create and that alone should get them kicked out of office without any benefits.

This basically sums it up for me…

bad link

Try it now…NSA must have been blocking me

and now you can expect a visit from the IRS

You’re supposed to pay your state the sales tax on your Internet purchases.

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