So what else do I need?

I’m finally (FINALLY!!) getting started w/ roof cleaning.

If I get the Pressure Tek kit HERE and a chemical tank (maybe [URL=“–2125814#product_tabs”]THIS one?), what else do I need? I feel like I’m missing something…

Add the pump in a box option. Water hose ladders etc.

Thanks Clark. I was planning to add pump in a box. Water hose, check. Ladders, check. It’s the “etc” that I am trying to think through. Am I missing anything else?

Michael, this is a little off topic, but I’m curious…why the Pressure Tek kit and not the Fatboy Bandit? Price?

Surfactant, rubber gloves, respirator, battery charger, I would get the Fatboy pump. For the few dollars more its worth it. I would also get an accumulator.

Feel free to give me a call

also a ladder stand off or stabilizer. I like “ladder max”. Kinda on the pricy side but my life is worth it

I got the “FatBoy Bandit” from Bandit- The Complete Softwash System. Works real nice. All I had to get was a Water Tank and Battery. I got a 125gal from TS ($350). The 100gal didn’t have legs or a spot for tie downs. Check it out, you’ll see what I mean. I opted to put it in a trailer. I’m hoping to be using this thing frequently so I thought the larger tank was wiser. I asked Bob what else I should get and he suggested an extra set of nozzles (in case it gets lost), a real rebuild kit and extra trigger handle and an extra relay. That should take care of any breaks on a newer unit out in the field. The trailer was a Craigs List Special. Had to paint and get new lights. I have room for enough bleach & roof snot & Fresh Wash to last a day. BOOM!

The fat boy kit from Bob is really a great setup. I have one set up on the rig I haul. You will shoot more chemical than say a flojet. Starting out the fat boy is a lot to get used to with the chemical volume. I’m glad our first systems were smaller flow rates. Now I really like working with the fat boy. Definitely get the accumulator tank.

I’ve heard of an “accumulator tank” before, but am not sure what it is or what it does. Can I get an explanation of that?

The accumulator tank helps prevent the pump from over worki g, cycling on and off too much. The accumulator tank is a buffer for the pump. They run about $65 and will save your pump. If you are pulling the trigger for an extended period of time it is really a necessity. It is worth the money.

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Was going to start a new thread but figure I’ll just add to this one I found.
I just set up my pump in a box with accumulator roof/stucco cleaning trailer this past weekend and while I was 30 mins into my first job, a stucco house, the system stopped working. I figured it was my crappy used old battery so I bought a fresh new one, turns out it wasn’t the battery but the relay that blew in it. After searching every electic motor parts store I could drive to I got a tip to solve my problem! From what I’ve been told the Fat boy relays are poorly made for this application due to being copper connections. The fix was a starer relay from any auto parts store from a (from what I understand) V8 Chev from the past EVER! They searched 1990 Camaro for reference. Plugged it in and works perfectly! Figured I would post this up for anybody in a pinch that can’t wait a few days for a relay to be ordered. I’m excited to start roof cleaning. Just gotta work on how to price it!

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Good post Emerson that should help guys who may run into this problem.