So What Are You Doing Today?

Big plans with the fam?

Spill it!

Window job this morning. Neighbor kids birthday party at 1. Going to pick up new PW then off to softball doubleheader.

Joshua Bunton
Brightside Window Cleaning, LLC
Dundee, MI

Going to meet the bus here in a little bit to go and do a concert this evening.

Sons ball game. Then a couple estimates and then hanging out with my family.

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Minor chores this morning. Grilling some dogs and brats and then headed to the falls to watch rednecks and bikini girls flip their canoes. A bunch of friends are doing the whole river this morning but we have a key to the gate so we’ll just meet them at the falls since that’s the big hangout. Should be fun!

Hair cut for my son. Cookout this afternoon. Date night with the wife hopefully if we can get a sitter

^brown chicken brown cow

Paperwork this morning, then prepping the travel trailer for Kentucky Speedway next weekend!

Had a bid this morning then off to the hot air balloon festival.

Finished a job this morning, got some sleep now ready to take on the world. Then date night with the wife who I have not seen much in the last few days.

Hanging out with my family trying to avoid work!

Quality time with the family cause I ant gonna be around much next week

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Dropping off the kids at various parties and catching up on my shows that are on my dvr.

On vacation :stuck_out_tongue:

Guys are still out- I swapped out blown engine on turbo twister with new engine today- it’s 8 Pm here and it’s time to grab a bite.

Cleaning before daughters birthday party, hanging with friends and family at party, and cleaning up after party. I’m beat.

Jet ski. My daughter got to operate a jet ski for her first time ever today. Ate some steak and potatoes w a salad. Happy happy. Everything else was work related. Cleaning another one tomorrow.

Ok, so now it’s Sunday. What’s on today’s schedule?

House wash. Only 1 though

Had 2 washes yesterday. Got firefighter duty today. Did get to go swimming with the family last night.