So the Mayors Assistant Just Called

[h=5]So the Mayors assistant just called to complain about this direct mail piece we mailed out… 5 others this month also called to complain. We mailed out 50,000 of them so I guess thats not bad… Actually I think its a really good thing. Our most complained about pieces also seem to make the most $. I should also mention that it has already booked $83,000.00 worth of work… By months end it should hit 200k in bookings. Direct mail works, even if a few people complain along the way. You cant please everyone, so never try to.[/h]

Wow! Some people just NEED to search and find something to complain about. What a clown.

Cool. I enjoy offending people.

What was the complaint???

That is a super effective PWRA roof cleaning card!

I laugh when I see guys say direct mail doesn’t work. Then I look at what they actually make and SMH.

Hey Chris, just curious about something. I have never done a mailer. You said you mailed 50,000 and got $83,000 booked, with projected $200,000. What is the cost to mail that many postcards ? (If you don’t mind sharing.) Thanks.


Hey Jeff it can be done pretty efficiently for around 13k.

That doesn’t include creating the piece.

That also assumes 8.5 x 11 EDDM Size - Printed using PWRA @ cost printing price: At Cost Printing

Bundling Sorting
Delivery Fuel to different post offices

The other thing it doesnt factor in is time spent thinking and planning about where to send them…

Thanks Chris. That’s a pretty good ROI.

If no one complained then you haven’t reached far enough.

I have had zero return on mailers ever…now if someone wants to spend their money to prove me wrong I’ll be the 1st to admit publically I was wrong. And we all know that doesn’t happen very often.
Hell I have just about spent every penny we had more than once to do mailers and get nothing. My bills don’t get paid by stuff that people toss in file 13 and I can’t afford to keep losing $$$

Hey Scott besides your website, repeat customers and word of mouth what else have you found out that works best for your company to land jobs?

Chris what did the mayors office say?

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Basically he just didnt think it was funny

[LEFT][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]Here’s a great voice mail we came in to today - [/FONT][/COLOR][/LEFT]

[LEFT][COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]Warning language![/FONT][/COLOR][/LEFT]

Did you close him for a roof cleaning?



Ugh he blocked his # I tried calling him back… but no luck…

Actually last night we forgot to forward our phones to: Answerworx Live Answering Service - Answerworx Live Answering Service Like we normally do… Im glad April and the nice ladies over there were spared talking to him…

I don’t get it? I didn’t think it was supposed to be funny? I don’t understand the voicemail either because it clearly states at the bottom that it was a copy of an actual insurance letter sent to a policy holder? No where does it say it’s to them? Are people this stupid?

Yea I think they are sometimes…

It hasn’t been direct mail…ever.I have sent to the right neighborhoods multiple times during the year postcards,flyers,newpaper inserts etc.
0% return I have spent us broke more than once trying to generate more residential income.It’s one of the reason I truely love doing commercial work.While there is no loyalty,but they are fairly easy to replace and it’s a steady stream of money.Don’t get me wrong I enjoy doing residential,but I when I do get it I spend an extraordinary amount of time closing because I have to educate the homeowner about why a house wash costsmore than $75.
My website has brought us more residential this year that any previous,but it’s not a constant feed of potential jobs.