So,..Messed..Up Bad Today

Went to rinse landscaping before I washed and left the soap on.Very hot and sun beating on said plants.Yes I noticed when I saw suds but I was transitioning between wash and rinse and made a stupid mistake.Stopped immediately of course,and rinsed,rinsed and rinsed some more.Do you guys think I’m okay,or only time will tell…I am insured of course,but would hate to have to claim this.

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How long was it on for? How strong of a mix? Honestly mistakes happen. If you rinsed it down hard immediately after it should have done the trick. Stop by and check in the next couple of days!

It was on for a matter of minutes,just worried cause I never did it before.I F’ed up and will make right if need be.

As long as you follow up and do the right thing afterwards no foul done. In all honesty a lot of landscaping is quite cost effective to replace. We replaced a few small trees and shrubs a couple months back for 300$ total. The lady referred us to 5+ people since. New guy tipped a ladder over while jerking on a soft wash hose from the roof.

I know mistakes happen,but I’m usually the one preaching against them.And yes,follow up is extremely important.Thanks Bear.

Can you back first thing in the morning. You will know if you need to do anything. I’m assuming you told the homeowner already? Do they have a sprinkler system?

Yes,all good there,have to do his grandmother’s down the street I will go by and check it out.If they’re burnt looks like I bring the shovel…no sprinklers…

What variety of plants are we dealing with. I dont think I would dig them up but I would make a effort to water them myself. What’s the weather in your area supposed to be the next few days?


But you got a nice 20 mph wind blowing out of the SE


We all make mistakes man,it was an honest boo boo. You fessing up to the customer is solid. Most turds would just collect $ and jet. You worrying about it all night isn’t gonna do a dang thing except make you lose sleep. Hope it works out for ya @mikesHM

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Ive did it before. Luckily on grass and not flowers. Sadly SH kills on contact according to cacogirl but it probably didnt get a chance to soak in much.
As long as it wasnt small flowers, Japanese maple, hemlock, certain cypress trees your probably ok. Sounds like you was DSing. Couldn’t be that hot of a mix.

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Should be fine. worse thing that’ll happen may turn a few leaves brown, but plants should be ok. If you rinsed right away even most the leaves should be ok.


Thanks,does ease the sting a little,still a stupid mistake I will not make again.

@Hotshot Yeah,one of those hot days where you’re not thinking and sh)t happens.Where you at in Arkansas bro,used to live around Cherry Valley,Vannedale,Wynne…youngest brother was born in Wynne.

Thanks for the response Rick,I have a lot of respect for you.You helped when I first got on here,it’s great when reputable washers give back.Again,thank you.


Lynn Arkansas my friend.Bottom of the Foot hills, before the ozark mountains start in Batesville. North east Arkansas, bout 40 minutes to Missouri border.

Uncle Charles and Aunt Katherine still in Cherry Valley.

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I think you will be fine. I’ve done it before without issue as long as it didn’t dry on it and you rinsed very good. I actually did this last week on accident. I had the remote in my pocket it got pressed on accidentally. Notice the suds, rinsed extremely well and applied agent halt. If effective, this stuff is super easy to apply downstreamed. Not a bad idea to have this or plant wash on hand. I’ve done it before without agent halt and rinsing really good was effective. I downstream straight SH.

I’ve also did a test on a bush in my own yard. Sprayed straight SH DS’d onto the bush and left it. The leaves fell off and grew right back. Roof mix is a different story. It’ll kill some stuff forever.

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