So. I used to have gen liablility... wtf

I switched ins companies because the last place was horrible. Had it for 3 months, I went online to pay for my monthly charge and it says my policy has been cancelled. Something about not covering the type of pressure washing i’m doing or something to that nature. My agent is looking into it to find out exactly what is going on. Policy was through travelers. anyone have any insight for me? Who is your carrier? Anyone have something silimilar happen to you?

Joe Walter is great. Lots of contractors use him. I have them with all my companies.

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Who writes the policy for him though?

Peerless Insurance or Ohio Casualty

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I got a quote from him. It was crazy high. But it was because I’m I’m NY.

Check Into Erie Insurance.

my local qiuote through farmers was like 3500 for a year.

joe walters was about 700 and it included my equipment.

Nation Wide here, and the local agent’s customer service is awesome!

I’m going through the same thing right now… I got quoted $20,000 a year for power washing!!! I called a couple of providers but no one has been able to come up with a number for me. When asked why it was so high they said that being in NY the insurance co thinks you’re going to be power washing high rises and skyscrapers which is totally ridiculous. Need to find a solution to this ASAP

We have Erie now. Had a problem with our previous company just writing a check and not actually checking out the claim. Desk pushers…UGH! Not really the agents fault but I cant help thinking it could have been much worse. Our agent now is a great guy and even asks for our commercial contracts (he did law too) and verifies our T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted.

No matter who you use make sure they don’t have you classified in another industry. I know we got a ridiculous high quote when we first started because all the locals wanted to classify us as painters. Four to five times higher.

Just got a policy through Joe Walters, their parent company is Liberty Mutual they write through Ohio Causality. Much better than the last company I used.

I went with Joe Walters Ohio Casualty $944 per year. I am in Wisconsin the few things i can’t wash are aircraft water towers no sandblasting and nothing over 3 storys high

I had gotten a quote from him. It was crazy high because I’m in NY.

Same here. I like dealing with local agent

I do to but believe this or not I tried a few local agents around here and nobody would insure me because they said pressure washing is a high risk occupation.

My insurance company went on my website and saw roof cleaning as one of my services (this is after I was approved for it by my agent!). My agent called me and told me they wanted to cancel my policy and that I had to have a separate policy and that it would cost 5 times what my current policy is. I removed everything that had to do with roof cleaning off my site and all my ads. I didn’t have a problem with pressure washing and the policy is only $1000 per year. I don’t think I will be cleaning roofs if it is going to cost me $5000 per year!

Yep I think the local insurance company’s were worried about that also that’s why they would not insure me. but ohio casualty through Joe Walters agency said nothing about not washing roof’s and I told the girl I was planning to wash roof’s she just said no aircraft no water towers nothing over 3 stories and no hood work. $944 per year. With that being said an old neighbor used to pressure wash and he told me to stay away from roofs way to many things you can get blamed for that will not be your fault like they may already have a leaking roof but not tell you and then you wash it and they come back and say you caused it we want a new roof. He does have a point.