Snowstorm coming

You people down south be careful now, I read that you might get some snow and possibly ice. Some of your states shutdown if you get an inch or two. I am not being sarcastic, your states are not prepared to handle winter (usually).

My area will be getting somewhere between 9-16" of snow depending on which way the storm tracks. I am not concerned, as they have already pre-treated the roads and they plow guys/gals like to make loot before christmas. I have a generator and backup heat. They normally don’t nail the forecasts anyway, so when they say a foot or more I figure 10". Almost like fisherman, that minnow turns into a whale. It isn’t like we are getting a 4 day blizzard. The roads will be pretty clean and clear in a couple of days tops.

I am glad it is coming, as I wil get to use my snow pusher that I paid all that loot for. It will make a good day to sell my old snowblower. Plus, who doesn’t like snow for christmas? I also got a brush pile I’ve been waiting to burn. Things are looking up. :grinning:


Good luck to you. We in the South find it amusing when the snow birds come down talking about 12 inches of snow and get stuck in the ditch with our 1 inch of ice. I’ll take a foot of snow over an inch of black ice any day. Stay warm and keep the coffee pot on.


Shoot brotha it don’t even freeze here😂

Yeah, those guys/gals were likely from Eastern PA (around harrisburg to Philly). When they get snow they shut down things. In PA, they treat the western half of the state different than the eastern half for snowfall. In western PA if it snows your still expected to make it to work.

All in all, I don’t know of anyone who would rather have ice than snow. Calcium Chloride is pricey.

Stay safe.

I worked in southern GA (Macon/Valdosta) and northern Florida before, but never made it over that way. Is the climate any different in summer on the gulf coast? All I remember is that going outside in summer is like getting hit with a heavy wet steamy towel all day (MIAMI/port everglades area). Soaked from the beginning to the end. If it isn’t hot and humid it is raining, then back to hot and humid. Bugs everywhere and you have to have a pool screened in or you can’t use it. OH, and to expect gators in every bit of water from a puddle to a pond.

I feel like in Central to South FL people talk about snow like the most if the rest of the country talks about alligators. Fascinated and curious because they’ve never seen it.

Still coming down. 18” so far, here in So.VT


I didn’t measure mine, but I had a hard time pushing it with the tractor with my snowpusher on. Has to be at least 18". Luckily it was the drier lighter snow. For future reference, please tell mother nature to keep the heavy snowfalls in your area. She inadvertently hit us with some of your snow I believe.

I drove down to shovel at my inlaws house, felt bad for all the old people shoveling, too many for me to help. You would think that living in the mountains for 30+ years you would buy a snowblower as you age. I spent 5+ hours shoveling and plowing today at 3 houses.

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