Smoke damage

Hey guys, just wanted to start by thanking all of you who reply and give feed back on this Forum. As a “newbie” to business and this industry it is great to have a community that stands by it’s brothers and helps out.

So here’s my issue, I’m putting in a HW quote today and the complex manager mentioned that one unit has smoke damage on the second floor. What would you guys suggest for cleaning this up

It’s the window in the top left of the picture shown here. Not a lot of damage but the gutters, soffit area and stucco are pure black. Going to be doing a HW mix around 3-5% due to heavy mould and mildew build up but am stumped on the smoke damage Pretty excited for the after photos on this wall. My dad is going to come shoot a demo video so I can post my Soft Wash process on my website and FB page. Sorry, end of rant now! :slight_smile:

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Smoke out - F-13 Gutter Grenade 5 Gallons - CHEMICALS HOUSE WASH / GUTTER / WOOD CARE / MULTI-PURPOSE

From the pics I see it looks like you may need just a touch of up close and personal on that job.

Apparently the building has never been on fire and that is all Black mould… It’s a huge housing complex and this is going to be a demo wash for them to possibly get the other 74 units so I’m doing it for $240, a little low but I want all of the complex to be washed so it could pay off

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You should have charged way more. That’s wood correct? I did a house with type of siding last season & it took a while. I ended up x jetting a strong mix on it.

John Devine.

You are right I probably should have but this is the demo and if I get all 74 units around $240-$300 that’s well over $17K and will make for some great photos for my website.
It’s all stucco other than the bump outs, those are a hardie board panel that was an add on after they built. It’s the closet actually. I’m probably gunna apply a strong SH mix and shoot the place twice to make sure it’s all dead so it’s a great example of what’s possible.

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The odds are you should be able to clean up that place pretty nicely with a strong mix of SH. Just be warned that we cleaned Stucco in areas where the black stains didn’t come out that easy. In some cases it was Carbon Minoxide from high traffic area’s and was a real pain to remove.

I can’t tell by your pics because I am on my phone but let us know how it worked out for ya.

Will do [MENTION=2754]John T.[/MENTION] This is a complex known for the black mould and is in a small development area far from any highways or busy roads. But that is a good point to keep in mind. Thank for the eye opener. I’ve booked it for Monday so ill post pics after :slight_smile:

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So I cleaned that building today and I DS straight SH with a good soap and let dwell for 20 mins… That mould didn’t budge on the stucco at all. So re applied and let dwell 30, same result. The stucco has been painted with some sort of rubber paint that has created this problem. So I got out my roof pump and applied straight SH with soap and that’s the only thing that worked on This surface. What a pain in the butt. I ran out of light so I rinsed the whole building real good and will complete the job tomorrow. Any thoughts on this 12.5 straight method? Any of the vets have a better way?

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Here’s some before and after shots of the house.
The property manager stopped in and was really happy with how it turned out and said I will be washing a hand full more in the coming weeks so that’s great news, also the neighbour came by and wants their place done next week. Nothing better than having a compliment to your work than a job already booked.

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