Smoke/ash from forest fires

Does anyone have some experience with smoke and ash. Currently as most of us know. The whole west coast is on fire. Im in Oregon and visibility is literally a block or 2.

Once this mess is done. Im going to try to help clean up the mess.
Is there any techniques or chemicals that will aid me best?


You need to be reading up on it. Google is your friend. I know EBC is pretty good for removing soot and I’m sure our friend @EaCoChem has some products that would be effective. If I lived in one of those areas, I’d be learning absolutely everything I could about how to clean, start an Adwords & FB campaign targeted towards within the next few days, write at least one blog post and get it published of how to deal with, problems, solutions, etc. Become the expert. My page on my website about playground sanitizing has had some stupid amount of views past 3-4 months - like 19K from all over the US and Canada, and tons of calls.

It would be well worth your time to take a day off and devote the whole day and then some to getting all of this setup. I truly believe if you did it right and learned the most effective way, that anyone could easily generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in next several months. Would also contact FEMA and some of the insurance companies to see about getting on their lists. The cleanup from all those fires is going to take a long time and there is going to be a lot of money from insurance companies and government entities thrown at it. @Chesebro, @Seandz and whoever else on left coast.


I have a product from Powerwashstore that works well to remove soot, just used it again last week on another house that’s close to the freeway with all of the exhaust constantly hitting it. I forget the name of it but will post it on here later after I get it out of the truck.

That’s some great advice. Im still starting out and do more research than washing these days. Plan was to get equipment, advertising, legalities and product stocked up and hit the ground running come spring. Plans change obviously. Fortunately I have a good trailer setup built and a decent amount of chems with signs coming for my trailer within the near future… I will work on becoming an expert and getting all my ducks in a row this week. As unfortunate as it is around here it could be turned into a positive thing for those who try.

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@Racer Great advice, I agree for the past 3-4 years we have had a ton of fires and right around fall we have a big spike in business due to the fires… I’m going to work on a Adwords in hopes to gauge more biz

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