Slate roof house

Hey pro’s, how would you all go about such a beast? Not my job but would like to know for future reference.

… walk away …

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Lol I was expecting that.

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Cool rooftop deck!


I disagree. Slate roof cleaning has been some of the easiest we have done and it cleans up nice. However on the other hand its very delicate, you cant lean a ladder again it and you most certainly can not walk it no matter the pitch. Once that stuff gets wet it gets slippery!

So just a standard roof wash mix?

What is that roof made of . It doesn’t look fimiliar to anything I’ve ever cleaned

My primary reason for saying “walk away” is because of the landscaping all around. From everything I’ve read on slate cleaning, surfactants can react badly and cause weird staining. So a lot of guys wash without any soap. So with no soap, and that pitch roof, you’re going to have a lot of runoff to deal with.

I don’t do roofs (yet) but wanted to get a feel for how something like that is done. Interesting stuff.

I would likely walk away from this but it does have gutters. Capture run off and protect landscaping

Honestly that looks like and easy 2500 dollar job. We use a surfactant and never have a problem.

Did not notice that. Disregard everything I said. I don’t clean roofs, and especially not slate.

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