Anybody else staying slammed right now? I usually start slowing down this time of year but not this year. I can barely keep up. I’m not complaining but dang it’s getting tough to schedule work. I guess it’s better than the alternative.:smiley:

August was pretty dead, as always.
Phone is starting to ring pretty steady now and it will ramp up through Thanksgiving.

We just had our first week off this past week because we took on a large job for a town here that took a month straight in the middle of the summer causing us to back up on work. Usually August is a pretty dead month for us.

This upcoming week we have 2 days of residential then 3-4 days of a garage to clean out of state. Like Thad says the phone is starting to ring more now for people to book cleanings before it gets to cold. If we land some bigger jobs that I’ve been driving to in a few different states to submit bids for we may work into sometime December… Hopefully that is the case. I can’t stand the 3- 4 months off we usually have in the colder months cause I get antsy if I have nothing to do.

Been staying booked two to three weeks out for pretty much the whole year.
Does not seem to be slowing yet. Only bad part is some people just do not want to wait that long. Two weeks seems about the limit people want to wait here before I start missing a bunch of jobs.
I’m about ready for a break.

I hear ya there! I’ve been slammed for about two weeks with two more to go! I get more calls each day. I had to refer TNT to some of the ones a little outta my way! Glad to have an ally in Daniel!

Andrew J. Theis
Integrated Power Washing
Warner Robins, GA

Next week is the slowest we’ve had all season I think. Tomorrow is slammed but there is not much the rest of the week…Should fill it it with calls tomorrow/tuesday.

We’re slowing down for the most part but booked through Nov. Picked up 2 apartment communities last week out of the blue.

This has been an extremely busy year. The only slow down we’ve had in 6 months has been due to weather delays.

EDIT (Monday 11:34am): About 70% capacity for the week now lol

Go get it!

Over 10 phone calls between yesterday and today. No advertising other then the website, either. I can’t afford to advertise right now.

Meaning, I can’t afford to take on that much more work. Ha!

That’s a great problem to have! Time for more employees and equipment!!

I stay busy all year long in AZ. But my biggest months are always July thru September. The more commercial work you pick up the less it slows down. Residual clients!!!