Simple Numbers, what are your thoughts on the Taxes portion of the book?

This book is fantastic, but for those that have read it, how close do you follow his advise for taxes, etc? I know I wasn’t paying myself the correct market based wage and I certainly spent more from the business than I should have on things that are probably more personal than business.

Just wondering if we could get a discussion going based on your thoughts of the book and where it has helped you.

The book is so eye opening

Both webianrs are now posted to the members area as an FYI

I need to make some serious changes this winter… So much to do…

Simple numbers is next on my list of books to read…though I like what he taught about LER the other night…I broke down a few recent jobs and found out my LER was GOOD.

I haven’t checked it out yet but I’ll surely share my thoughts once I’ll able to get the whole point on it… Thanks for sharing!