Simple Numbers.. is coming to the PWRA

If you havent read this book:

I cant recommend it enough… Ill make you a deal…If you buy this book and you dont love it, or get some amazing insights from it, Ill buy it from you. Seriously just ship it to me and Ill pay you what you paid for it… Its that awesome. All small business owners will find it very beneficial.

Please know I nor the PWRA are in no way affiliated with the book or it authors… I just think its that good.

This leads into a 2 part webinar we will be having starting in late October. The PWRA has hired the authors to give 2 - 90 minute presentations to association members.

Im super excited about this… It will be our best webinar ever…

Look for the exact dates to be emailed to yo in the PWRA digest…

This is awesome Chris! I will def have to try and get the book read by than so I can
get more out of the webinars!

Keep up the good work!

Can’t wait

just ordered it. It’s been on my to do list, but now with the news of the webinar, I better hurry and read it. Thanks Chris!

Just the info from the webinar will probably be worth the price of joining the PWRA