Sick of my deck

So this weekend coming up will basically mark the 10th weekend in a row trying to complete it. I am ready to burn it down… but Im almost there… the stain is almost dry.

lol… thats to funny. Typical of what happens in this business… there is no money being made to do your own deck:D My whole house was going to shizz but now when time allows I had the guys Powerwash an hour here and an hour there. They also Powerwashed my deck and when they were out I actually stained the surface of it myself. My first time staining in at least 3 yrs if not longer. My deck is two toned with white rails that easy come clean with a little Bleach mixture and the surface of my deck is a solid Brick color… Now it finally looks good again after a couple of years looking like I wasn’t even in this business.

Did you reclean the deck during that 10 week period? Could have mold spores developing under the finish if it sat that long after cleaning it.

hahaha… Chris you have to strip it and start all over! You took too long…That’s the icing on the cake.

What’s that thunking sound I hear!?
Oh, it’s [MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION] banging his forehead on his deck…

Aren’t most molds aerobic? So if the deck was sealed well, wouldn’t that prevent growth?

If you are using a film forming finish I suppose that would be the case. However sealing a deck against moisture does not mean encapsulating it on all 6 sides in a hard barrier that blocks out everything. Wood must be able to breath and expand/contract with the temperature. It also will absorb moisture from the ground if you have a low deck, so it’s good to breathe. It wouldn’t be just mold spores you worry about either with 3 months of sitting time, the wood has already begun to react to the UV rays and start to gray from exposure. I’ve gone as long as 3 weeks when schedule/weather is bad but I wouldn’t want a deck to sit more than that, plus we sanded those decks the day we stained them anyway.