Shurflo hose diameter

Right now Im running a 3.8gpm Shurlfo for my spot cleaning chem applications. Im currently running 3/8 hose for both inlet and outlet. I can’t seem to get the full distance and pattern I was hoping for. Is the 3/8 hose too small? Im seeing a lot of people running 1/2 to 3/4 inch hose with these pumps and it seems they are getting better distance. Im also using a wand rated for 3gpm’s but It just doesn’t feel right. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


How is your pump set up?

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I have it pulling from a chem tank and going to 100ft of 3/8 hose.

I would eliminate any 90 degree fittings and go up to 1/2 inch and see how it does. 2 - 45 degree fittings won’t restrict flow nearly as badly as a 90 will. I would guess that a set of 20gpm tips would work pretty well and give you some decent distance with your pump.

We run 7gpm fatboy pumps through 300’ of 1/2" poly braid on a Titan hose reel and get great flow and distance.

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I bought a new wand from Pressure Tek with a 1/2 inch connection along with a 2-3gpm down steam nozzle kit… I left the 3/8 hose on the reel and just connected that to the new 1/2 wand. I also took out that 90 degree angle fitting and went directly into the pump. Im now getting 35 ft horizontal spray and about 25 ft vertical. 5x what i was getting before! I figured the 4gpm nozzle Jrod would be a little too much for the 3.8gpm pump. I may try the 1/2 hose also, but not sure if it will really make a bigger distance. Thanks again.