Should I purchase this (maybe flip it)

My intentions for next Spring were to have have an 8 or 10 gpm cold water unit

We are strictly residentail

My cousin married into the largest pwing distributor in our state and told them to make me aware of any good deals.

Here is the skinny

A company had and lost are large mall account. They are not located in our State so they are using my vendor as a middle man. My vendor is willing to forgo their cut if I purchase it.

5 gpm, 3000 psi, hot water (Kracher commercail unit)
Open trailer
2 hose reels with garden and pw hose
a few other do dads

I know I could flip this, but would you recommend this for us? I really had my mind/heart set on a 8gpm cold.

get a 8gpm… 5.5’s are good but 8’s are better.

Thank you Alex. Any more thoughts?

You didn’t post the price, Dave.
This thing is a steal, afaict.

Tough call. Price is key and what your needs are as well but also factored in here is because of your connections with the distributor you may be using up your calling card for your next dealings with him. Also the other thing here is what if you start having problems with this machine lets say a month or 2 later? Now what do you do?

If I had a connection like you have here the only way I would take that deal is the price is a total steal. If not I would save my card with this distributor to see if maybe when your ready he can possibly get you exactly what you want at a discounted price. Good to have options:cool:

How Much???

can’t believe I left that out $2700

Will get a pic up tonight. Out the door and couldn’t figure it out this morning with no red bull in me

Why haven’t you bought it yet and parted it out to sell. Hahaha


Nice, wish I had the cash. That would do me well for awhile as pressure washing is an add on for me. Might be small for some of you full time pressure washing guys. Sounds like a good price to me and I’d say room to make some $$ if you flip it.

You can get 3k for the machine,80 bucks for each reel,maybe 500 or 600 for the trailer.