Should I be concerned due to lack of concrete?

Long story short I am planning on starting a business, but a recent concern is a lack of neighborhoods using concrete. I was planning on starting on mainly driveways, but it recently clicked that most areas in my region are using asphalt. A quick google maps search I have found a few areas that use concrete, but they are the minority. Should this be a concern? Am I overthinking things?

I am new to the biz as well with only a few jobs under my belt. This was a big concern of mine as well since most driveways here are part concrete but mostly asphalt. Now that I have been actively looking I have found entire pockets of neighborhoods that have concrete driveways.

Most people on here say that you can’t get by solely on concrete driveways and that it’s more of an upsell. I have to say so far in my experience they are right with that, as well as our prime demographic is women 35+ who call us. In my limited time working it’s been older women whos husbands have health issues and are no longer able to do maintenance.

This forum is a great resource and just about everything you need to know is here at your searching fingertips. Hope that helps.

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Can i ask why are you limiting youself to just driveways ?

You have to sell them on the benefits of softwash vs. pressure wash…we get dudes leaving reviews that say “I’ll never waste the time to do it myself again”…you just have to get them there in the process.