Shocking Experience

The weirdest thing today: so my Hammerhead craps the bed in the middle of a job this morning. Fortunately there is a local supplier within 10 minutes of my job and I buy another one. I get back and I fire it up when I notice that there’s an extra sensation that I have never experienced when pressure washing: my ball valve seems to be sending out an electrical shock! Is it my new Honda engine? Is it my new surface cleaner? WTHeck? Later, and after I’ve dealt with this current for almost an hour, I shut down the PW, satisfied with a spectacular job for which my 85-year-old customer is ecstatic. I grab the hose to roll it back up into my reel only to feel the same shock: It’s in her property, in the ground, and on her concrete.

SO, should I contact the power company to inform them of this anomoly, or just move on with the knowledge that until I rteturn there will likely be no one who will spend time on her yard with very wet feet?

A guy I work with had to repair a line running to his moms garage. Her power bill had been x for multiple years and it randomly doubled consistently. They tracked it down and it was finding enough ground to discharge but not hard enough to trip the breaker. Could be the same kind of deal?

Must have been your glowing personality.


If it were me I’d feel better about letting someone know MrSparky…I mean MrSparkle.


Letting them know is the right thing to do. What they do after that is their business.

Definitely contact the utility company.

BTW, was the customer’s name Tesla by chance?


This just happened to my buddy. It’s a bad or malfunctioning ground sending current through the water. The wire in the pressure hose only helps it travel. The electrical current is looking for ground and is finding it through you. Electric company most likely won’t do anything. Home owner needs to call an electrician.


I’d just stop being high at work


How come? Gotta put the “buzz” in buzzlightyear…


The hell you would, my friend. If I know you, you’d stick your tongue to that ball valve for a “Yahoo Seriously” buzz that’s lightyears away from most highs, dontchaknow!