Shiny, polished concrete

Anything special I need to watch out for with polished concrete? Customer asked if I can get their screened in porch, a little hesitant to use a surface cleaner on something so smooth.

Biggest thing, Don’t slip. It will probably only take a light rinse.

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Bingo. Just flush it.

Just HW Xjet then rinse? Or just rinse? The brick and some of the concrete has algae.

I was surprised the other day I had a newer shiny stoop…I went to rinse it off after a house wash (with my m5ds at a large fan) and the concrete came perfectly clean with each pass of the wand…and that’s only about 100psi. Not much pressure needed with some HW mix

rinse first then add soap if needed. Bricks will probably need pressure.

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Thanks guys, appreciate it!

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